Announcement Notice: VENUE CHANGE

Announcement Notice:

Announcement Notice:

Dear principals, teachers, contestants,

Due to the irresponsibility and lack of credibility of the venue sponsor, on August 26, the venue was suddenly changed to a small space without notifying the organizer. Sponsors rent out the original venue to a third party.

The organizers tried to request for bigger space for the competition, but the venue sponsor did not respond to our request.

As the organizer of the event, we are deeply distressed, and the organizer has also replaced and rented the venue at a tight time.

New competition venue:

Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTiC)
Address: 109, Jln Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

The date of the competition will also be revised, and the original 4-day event will be changed to a 2-day event.

22/10/2022 – Competitions: Traditional Dance, Ballet Dance, Contemporary Dance , 

23/10/2022 – Competitions: Modern Dance, K-pop Dance, Latin Dance, Modern Dance, Ukulele instrument .

* Prizes will also be awarded directly after each category*

The age groups and prize awards have also been changed (except: Latin & Ballroom Dance):

U6 (solo/group) 

U8 (solo/group) 

U10 (solo/group) 

U12 (solo/group) 

U14 (solo/group) 

U16 (solo/group) 

U18 (solo/group) 

Open age (solo/group)

Reward Awarded (except: Latin & Ballroom Dance)::

A. Platinum Award 【Asia Pacific Youth Performing Arts Award】 x 1 

• Certificate 

• Will be recommended to any international platforms or scholarship training globally

B. Golden Award   x 1

•     A trophy and certificate

C. Silver Award  x 1

• A trophy and certificate 

D. Bronze Award x 1

• A trophy and certificate 

E. Scholarship Training 

• Selected by judges for scholarship training

Other notes:

1.  No Outside Food Allowed

2. The organizer is responsible for one meal of the contestant on the day of the competition. If you need to be responsible for two meals, please inform the person in charge of the organizer.

3. Please protect your own safety and do not do dangerous behaviors.

4. Everything must comply with anti-epidemic standard operations SOP.

5. Except for the contestants, if want to enter, they must purchase an admission ticket.

TICKET Booking links :

YPAC team

Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTiC)

source by Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTiC)


由于场地赞助商的不负责任和没有信誉,在 8月26日在没有通知主办方的情况下,突然更改场地至非常有限和窄小的地方做比赛,在主办方的追问下得知,场地赞助商把原有的比赛场地出租给第三方。
主办方极力的争取和投诉无门下 , 场地公司也完全不理睬我方。


Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTiC)
Address:109, Jln Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

比赛日期也将进行修改更动, 原定 4天的赛事将更改至2天赛事。
22/10/2022 – 比赛项目: 传统舞蹈,芭蕾舞蹈, 当代舞蹈
23/10/2022 – 比赛项目: 现代舞蹈, 韩流舞蹈, 拉丁舞蹈, 摩登舞蹈,乌克丽丽。

** 奖项也将于每个项目比赛后直接颁发 **

参赛年龄组别和奖项设置也有所更动 (除了拉丁和摩登舞蹈)

U6 (solo/group) 六岁以下

U8 (solo/group) 八岁以下

U10 (solo/group) 十岁以下

U12 (solo/group) 十二岁以下

U14 (solo/group) 十四岁以下

U16 (solo/group) 十六岁以下

U18 (solo/group) 十八岁以下

Open age (solo/group) 公开

大赛奖励荣获 (除了拉丁和摩登舞蹈)

  1. 白金最高荣誉奖 【亚艺杯】x 1 
  • 官方证书
  • 直接选送至世界各地国际活动项目平台进行培训及世界著名院校进行专业提升训练
  1. 金奖x 1
  • 奖杯及官方证书 
  1. 银奖x 1
  • 奖杯及官方证书
  1. 铜奖x 1
  • 奖杯及官方证书
  1. 奖学金赞助

·    由评审选出进行专业提升训练。

1. 不得携带外在食物。
2. 主办单位负责参赛者比赛当天的一餐膳食, 如需要负责2餐请告知主办单位负责人。
4. 一切需遵守 抗疫标准作业。
5. 除了参赛者,随行人员如要进入观看比赛都必须购买入场券 .






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